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"Do you mind sharing my link for my DallasCon tickets? I have a pair of Silver Tickets, row M, seats 5 & 6. I'm selling them via Stubhub for face value."
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anyone looking??

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"We are also looking for two silver packages, and we will sell our 2 weekend passes and autograph with misha if we are able to get two silver packages"
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Anyone selling 2 silver packages?

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"Wife & i made a priestly (10 inch hero) Winchester bear for her punkrock SPN loving gma. Has the kilt, mohawk, piercings, & sarcastic shirt with "my hair is supernatural" with the logo on it. Will have a cast cause they are teddy bear doctors. WANTING TO BUY jared & jensen PHOTO OPS separate or together & AUTOGRAPHS-to autograph the teddy's cast, Surprise gift for gma's 80th Bday!!! We will post progression pics of priestly W to the fb group and gma's reaction! thank you :)"
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Is anyone selling autographs or photo ops for the Js?  is interested!

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"Also, what is the facebook group and twitter group for this? Not sure if I found the right groups and want to make sure,"
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I don’t know if there’s a twitter for the con but the facebook group I refer people to is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spndallascon/

"Hey, I'm selling a Friday Gen. Admin ticket, $30 if you could help me spread the word? Thanks!"
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Anyone need a GA Friday ticket?? is selling one!

Supernatural Dallas Convention 2014


Attention all Supernatural fans:

Ok I have several tickets for the Dallas convention from 9/19/2014 to 9/22/2014….
I am unable to attend due to work obligations.

I have:
Friday preferred seating (X 16) — $50.00
Saturday preferred seating (AB 17) — $80.00
Sunday preferred seating (AD 15) — $100.00

In addition I have:
Misha photo-op — $75.00
Misha Collins autograph — $50.00
Saturday night cocktail party — $40.00

I will take just face value for the tickets (no tax). I do have Paypal AND I’m willing to accept money orders for the tickets, and I will either scan/e-mail the tickets or snail mail the tickets out to you.

Any questions and/comments/ can be e-mailed to Donna Webb at boots288@yahoo.com with the tags Dallas Con Tickets or Supernatural Dallas Con

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"Hello~ Are you still have Dallas gold ticket want to sale?? Thank you so much!!^^"
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This is just a blog for DallasCon. I’m (personally) not selling anything. To check to see if tickets are still available, please contact the original poster on the post.

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"Hi, I was wondering how I should go about selling a gold ticket package. Ticket #64, purchased at last year's event. Asking $600. PayPal only, payment upfront. Thanks, P"
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Correction - $620 for the ticket

If anyone is looking for a gold ticket,  has one!!


If anyone is needing a room for SPN DallasCon, let me know! We’ve already got three people in our room and could use one or two more!

"I too am looking for a Jared Autograph, just FYI, :)"
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if you’re selling, is looking!

(Sorry for the typo earlier. I was at work and I…well…oops.)