"Hello! I'm selling two 3-day GA tickets. I bought them for 205 and selling them for 180 each."
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Sorry it took so long to post. (Check with the user to see if the tickets are still for sale…)

Jared DallasCon Photo Op Wanted


I know this is a long shot on here but I’m looking for a Jared photo op for the Dallas convention coming up in September. I’m very interested and I’m able to pay with PayPal immediately. :) Please let me know via my ask, fanmail or submit!



i’m looking for a silver pass (preferably toward the center aisle but i’m not being too picky at this point) for this year’s dallascon, so if ANYONE IS SELLING ONE OR KNOWS SOMEONE WHO IS SELLING ONE OR ANYTHING PLS LET ME KNOW I WILL HUG YOU FOR SIX LIFETIMES

i can pay in installments or if they can hold off about two weeks i can pay the full amount then. i’m really wanting a package so i’m able to do a bunch but i can’t afford gold like last year so pfft + i want the autographs bc that’s when i’ll be giving jared my sobriety chip so it’s v v v important to me ok

if y’all could spread this lil thing around that would be amazing ilu all so much

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"if anyone is looking for a hotel room to share for saturday and sunday night please contact me!"
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^^^ contact  if you’re looking!

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"Wanting to know if anyone is selling a GA Saturday ticket?"
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Can anyone help ?

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"Hey, if you still have some tickets available, I'm wondering how much you're selling for??? For two of them???"
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I’m not selling tickets. If you’re interested in any ‘for sale’ posts I reblog on here, please refer to the original poster/source for more details. I can’t help. :-\ Sorry.

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"Is anybody needing to sell there Jared op, misha op, or jensen?"
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I haven’t seen anything in the tag or on Tumblr in general. You may want to try twitter or the Facebook group. :)

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"I'm looking for anyone who needs an extra person in their hotel room. I got a friend who needs to get hooked up with one. Thanks!"
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Anyone have extra room? Contact !


hey guys! i need some help!!

I’ve decided not to go to DallasCon 2014 in September, so I have a bunch of tickets that I need to get rid of QUICKLY. If anyone is interested, please send me an ask. Here’s what I have for sale, the prices here are the prices I paid for them.

  • 1 Gold Pass Ticket (these are all sold out and include complementary access to the Celebrity Cabaret, Superstar Panel with J2, and autographs for almost every guest, you can see the full list of goodies here): $699
  • 1 Richard Speight Jr. Autograph: (not included in the Gold Package) $25
  • 1 Matt Cohen Autograph: (not included in Gold Package) $25
  • 1 Matt Cohen & RSJ Karaoke Kings Photo Op: (not included in Gold Package)$69

The RSJ/Matt tickets still haven’t been sold out on the site, but if you’re considering buying them, could you buy them from me instead? They’re the same price and I need to get rid of them.

If you’re interested in one or more of these, please let me know, it’s a lot of money and I need to get rid of them all. If you can’t buy any, could you at least reblog to get the word out, thanks. :)

"anyone selling any package tickets/jared photo op? or j2!!"
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I haven’t had anyone send me a message stating they’re selling tickets. You may want to check the Facebook group here. There’s a list of people buying and selling there.