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"I have 2 preferred seating tickets and 1. jared padalecki photo op ticket for sale. Asking 400$ for all of them."
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Anyone interested? Contact !

"Hear anything about anyone selling a gold package lately?"
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Anyone selling a gold package? It may be better to try the facebook group or twitter. :)

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New guest announcement!

Rob Benedict has been added to the guest list for the con! He’ll be appearing on Friday and Saturday. More information on autographs and photo ops can be found here.

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General Admission tickets are on sale!

It looks like the time has finally come - General Admission tickets are on sale now! Go to the con’s site to find out more about prices. :)

Also, Ty Olsson has been removed from the guest list and a replacement guest is TBA.

I apologize for not updating this blog much lately. I’m hoping to me more active here since VegasCon just happened and I can focus my attention to Dallas! :)

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"I'm cosplaying as Levia!Cas and I know I'm going to buy at least one photo op. I was wondering, is it ok to wear your cosplay in the photos? I know this is a really weird question but this is my first con and I'm just super nervous about everything"
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You can wear your cosplay in the op! I’ve seen many people do that…it’s completely normal. :)

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"I'm looking into going this year, and have been getting everything together in terms of money and timing. The autograph tickets for Jared and Jensen are sold out, so I was wondering if there's a good way to find someone who won't be able to use theirs? I'd be happy to buy them off someone if there's anyway who can't use them for any reason."
asked by valiantginger

It all depends. Closer to the con, people will find out they’re unable to attend and will start selling their tickets. Jared and Jensen autograph tickets are harder to come by than others but people do sell them. Just keep your eye out on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook over the next 6 months. :)

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"I am looking for someone to split a hotel room with for Dallas Con! Anyone need an extra roommate or two?"
asked by therebelcas

Anyone looking for a roomie??

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"Hey, if we really wanted an actor to go to the con (like Mark Pellegrino and Rob Benedict :)), how would we go about getting the con to invite them? Thanks!"
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Contact Creation! Tweet them - @creationent! Email them -  guests@creationent.com. Just be sure to include which convention (Dallas!) you’d like to see the actors at. :)

"Okay....I'm decided to post it here so, IF ANYONE, ANYONE AT ALL, needs a room mate at DallasCon for they're room, or visa/versa, please, please message me. I can honestly say I'm desperate because my room mate decided to put her credit card for the hotel reservation and she said she might not go now (she doesn't even have the ticket yet..) So, yeah. I promise to pay my amount, or we can discuss my payment method if we chose my hotel room."
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Anyone looking for a roommate? Message isaltonyourgrave!